Free $75 Grass-fed Bulk Beef Giveaway


Fall is coming! And we are celebrating by giving away burger in Bulk!

Every year when the leaves start to fall we round up our cattle for our annual bulk beef stock up event. This year we are going all out and celebrating with a Giveaway!

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Nutritious Beef!

21 Day Dry-Aged!

"Awesome pictures, love both of these families. I highly recommend all of their products!!!"

John Packer

" We wanted to reach out and let you guys know how happy we have been with the beef. Our freezer is stocked, witch is a great feeling. We have eaten roasts, some steaks and plenty of the ground beef. The meat is very flavorful. I love the idea of having this quality of meat conveniently delivered, truly ranch to table. Supporting small family farmers like you guys is a priority to us so thank you for making our experience so great! From communication to meat quality, everything was top notch."   

Mikell Wall

"We’ve been buying our beef from these guys for several years now. The beef is excellent!! You cannot find this quality beef in the store anywhere. The service is great!"

Jennie Housley